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Thursday, October 18, 2018


London based classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) has recently formalised the voluntary Guidance notes developed by the IMO on ballast water management and developed this into ship specific notations.

The notations are aimed at demonstrating compliance with the IMO guidelines on ballast water management in an attempt to aid vessels in complying with the various local regulations around the world.

Treatment process, flow through exchange and sequential exchange cover the three main notations, T, F and S respectively. A vessel gaining one of these notations has, according to LR, confirmed that the strength and stability considerations have been taken into account as necessary.

The Notations have been developed following an extensive study into the effects of sequential exchange on ships' structure, ‘An investigation of ballast water management methods with particular emphasis on the risks of the sequential method’. This can be downloaded from LR’s website, .

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