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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


The traffic separation scheme (TSS) “in the approaches to Los Angeles – Long Beach” will be temporarily suspended as from 1 September 2000 at 0000 hours UTC due to an improvement project.

  1. Lengthening of the Los Angeles Approach Channel to extend approx. 3.5 nm beyond the Los Angeles breakwater.
  2. Deepening of the Los Angeles Approach Channel to a project depth of 81 feet.
  3. A slight shifting of the Long Beach Approach to a 355 degree (true) inbound course.
  4. Deepening of the Long Beach Approach Channel to a project depth of 69 feet.

These projects will encourage and permit larger vessels to call on the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  This makes it necessary for vessel traffic to approach and depart these ports in a different manner than currently recommended by use of the IMO adopted TSS.

In the future the United States will submit modifications to the existing TSS for IMO approval.  Harbour officials are encouraging larger vessels to visit these ports commencing 1 September 2000; therefore it is necessary for the United States to establish, in the short term, a TSS using its authority.  Details of the TSS will be provided to IMO as soon as the regulations are finalised.

If you would like a copy of COLREG.2/Circ.47 dated 11 May 2000, please contact

Source:  International Maritime Organization (IMO), London