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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Iraq - Port cost at Al Bakr Oil Terminal. Threat of blacklisting

Reference is made to our articles in WEEKLY NEWS Nos. 22 and 23/2000. According to information from the Sanctions Committee of the UN, THE NEW TARIFF FOR PORT COSTS IS ILLEGAL.Iraq is not allowed under the UN Sanction to earn foreign currency such as the arrangement made in Amman, Jordan. Iraq is on the other hand allowed to receive payments for services rendered, but only in Iraqi Dinars. 

It is reported that members that have paid only USD 1,500 (the old charge) are urgently requested by the local agent to pay the balance according to the new tariff to ALIA Transport, Amman; otherwise their vessels will be blacklisted. We have reliable information, however, to the effect that ships refusing additional payment have loaded and sailed. 

Members and associate members who wish to discuss the issue further are welcome to call Gunnar A. Knudsen of the Ports & Terminals Section; phone: +47 22 12 26 58 or  

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