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Saturday, October 20, 2018


The set of seven monthly printed circulars sent to you by post are to be phased out with this month’s (June 2000) issue. The circulars are replaced by the e-mail Weekly NEWS.

The Weekly NEWS incorporates all the information included in the seven monthly circulars but with two big differences - the weekly distribution together with the electronic format enables much more rapid dissemination of information and not least will yield annual savings of USD 87,500 in direct costs, primarily postage, printing and paper.

Since its launch, the Weekly NEWS has quickly become one of the most important means of communication within the membership. Many of the articles are cross-referenced to the INTERTANKO web site where more in-depth information is available. Response from the membership has been extremely positive, and over the first six months the number of membership e-mail addresses receiving the Weekly NEWS has already grown from 320 to 1,025. In addition, the electronic format permits a wide immediate internal circulation of the Weekly NEWS within each member company.

For ease of reference, all articles from the Weekly NEWS can be found on INTERTANKO’s web site, archived under each respective circular heading, i.e. General, Market, Safety, Tanker Charter Party, Chemical, Ports and Terminals, and Associate Members. At the end of each month, all articles will be compiled in a document available to members and associate members on request, either as an e-mail attachment, printed hard copy or downloadable from our web site.

Under the new regime, INTERTANKO members will be able to enjoy the advantages of both worlds - the correlated information on specific subjects provided by the traditional monthly circulars and the timely delivery of up-to-the minute news through the e-mail Weekly NEWS. Members and associate members that would like to have further internal e-mail addresses added to the Weekly NEWS distribution list should


  1. EVERY FRIDAY - 12.00 hours GMT
    The Weekly NEWS e-mailed to the members and associate members
  2. EVERY FRIDAY - 12.00 hours GMT
    The Weekly NEWS archived on the web site
  3. EVERY FRIDAY – 12.00 hours GMT
    Weekly NEWS articles linked on our web site to the section domains for in-depth information
  4. EVERY MONTH – first week of each month
    A monthly compilation of Weekly NEWS articles, archived on the web and available, on request, as e-mail attachment or black and white hard copy

If you have any queries regarding the phase out of the printed copy of the circulars, please contact the INTERTANKO News Desk at

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible service and we would therefore appreciate receiving your comments and recommendations for further improvement.