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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Panama - Inspections of chemical tankers

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No.19/2000, the Panama Canal Authority has provided the following advice: 

“The Panama Canal Authority has an inspection program whose main objective is to verify the condition of operational equipment on transiting vessels. Details of this program can be obtained by accessing our web page: ("Marine Notice to Shipping No. N-10-2000-Operational Equipment Tests").

Vessels are selected at random for inspection to verify compliance with the test requirements.

The Chemical Tanker Inspection Program is an extension of the previously referenced inspection program. It is geared to insure our transit personnel are not exposed to leaks of dangerous cargo vapors, unsafe slippery decks due to leaking hydraulic fluids. We also want to prevent any pollution to our fresh water canal. Normally the tanker crews immediately start correcting any deficiency once it is detected. The inspections are carried out at both Pacific and Atlantic entrances of the canal. Gatun Lake is used as an alternate site for inspections. Tankers that have shown deficiencies in previous transits are more likely to be re-inspected when they return for a subsequent transit.”

Source: Panama Canal Authority, Balboa

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