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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


INTERTANKO participated in the Ship Finance 2000 & Transport Internet World Conference, which was held in New York on 20 and 21 June 2000, organized by Marine Money, and aimed to address the latest developments in shipping finance and e-commerce.

The event gathered about 200 delegates, and addressed a number of topics of interest to the tanker industry, such as 

  • the structural changes in the tanker markets, considering also the implications of possible measures triggered by the Erika accident
  • the restructuring of Alpha Shipping
  • the importance of rewarding quality tanker operations and protecting tanker masters
  • the critical factors for successful tanker pooling arrangements
  • the developments in the US Equity market and the German KG Market
  • and not at least the increasing opportunities emerging for shipowners in the Athens and Cypriot Stock Exchange.

During the second day of the Conference , the importance of applying successful strategies for increasing revenues and utilizing the opportunities raised in the e-commerce era were particularly highlighted. As critical factors for success, the delegates pointed out  some of the following elements, which need to be considered by INTERTANKO members and associate members in their e-commerce applications:

  • the ability of a company to differentiate itself by providing new services apart from the traditional core business
  • the ability to respond quickly, consistently and effectively
  • the ability to enter new markets
  • a willingness to change (6 months’ horizon is too long)
  • the ability to create value-added information and service
  • the ability to provide the customer with plenty of choices, convenience and real-time information (creating trusted brand, the “stickiness” – in short, the ability to become a standard)
  • the depth and quality of domain expertise and the content
  • the connectivity with the other trading partners
  • the achievement of savings, and focusing on the revenues side
  • the security provided
  • the depth of back-up support (A brief example was mentioned of a particular web site which could not cope with the amount of orders received as a result of publicity- naturally it went out of the market)
  • the awareness of exposure from pitfalls on the web (be more visible)

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