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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Thursday this week, IMO established an Expert Group on Impact Assessment of different proposals to amend MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, regulation 13G. The terms of reference would call for assessment work on:

1. The volume of oil and oil products which are carried by tankers

2. The total number of tankers to be affected by the proposals for each of the following three categories:

  • Category 1:  single hull “pre MARPOL” tankers of 20,000 or 30,000 tons DWT (according to the oil products carried) and above not complying with SBT/PL.
  • Category 2: single hull oil tankers of the same size as Category 1 but complying with SBT/PL; and
  • Category 3: single hull oil tankers, smaller than those of Categories 1 and 2 (600 tons dwt and above), delivered prior to 6 July 1996, and not falling under the present scope of Regulation 13 G

3. The capacity of shipyards needed to replace the single hull tankers affected by the proposals and the capacity available worldwide

4. The capacity of recycling capacities needed to scrap the single hull tankers affected by the proposals and the capacity available worldwide

5. The number of tankers involved in accidents resulting in total loss, subdivided by size categories.

The terms of reference also require the Expert Group to:

·         Prepare an evaluation/feasibility of the tonnage replacement time schedule on a year by year basis, starting with the extreme implementation dates proposed by Belgium, France and Germany vis a vis the dates laid down in Regulation 13 G, taking into account the expected tonnage currently under construction or contracted to be built in the foreseeable future to make up for the loss of the affected single hull tankers.

·         Undertake an initial assessment of the costs to the tanker operators

The end result would be an objective study containing facts and data, refraining from making comment which might jeopardize the impartial character of the exercise and mainly aimed at assisting MEPC to make well-informed decisions.

The Study Report will be prepared by the IMO Secretariat and presented as such to the next MEPC Session in October.

Representatives from INTERTANKO, ICS, IACS, BIMCO, LIMS, OCIMF and IMO itself compose the Group of Experts. The ISTEC Chairman, Dr. Nikos Mikelis, Dragos Rauta and Erik Ranheim represented INTERTANKO at the meeting. INTERTANKO will be involved in most of the assessment items but having a leading role in items 2, 3 and 5 above and would also consider a model to estimate the cost of the rules (in different scenarios) for tanker operators.