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Saturday, October 20, 2018




-          Calcutta and Haldia – Certificates compulsory to submit

The following is a reminder from Calcutta Port Trust:  Every time a vessel calls at these ports the following information and copies of re-validated certificates must be submitted to the Calcutta Port Trust or Manager Marine, Haldia:

1. Vessel’s age (vessels over 15 years not acceptable).

2. General condition of engines & auxiliaries.

3. Crew list.

4. All certificates concerning statutory seaworthiness.

5. ISM certificate.

6. P&I Cover and Entry (covering claims arising from removal of wreck, cargo, environmental damage due to pollution or other damages to port property).  The onus of proof rests with the vessel.

In addition, when inward declaration is made to the DMD, Harbour Master (River) and M.M.O.H., the following information should be included and certificates submitted prior to the vessel’s call:

Vessel’s age, P&I cover and validity and ISM certificate.

Source: Copy of notice from Calcutta Port Trust received from Chowgule Brothers, Calcutta

-          New Mangalore – New crude oil berth commissioned

A new crude oil berth (Berth No. 10) has been commissioned at New Mangalore. More details of the berth can be found here.


-          Cilacap – Port authorities request arrival draught

The port authority at Cilacap has informed the agents that in the light of the recent grounding and oil spill of M/T “King Fisher”, all vessels must send an ETA-message and estimated arrival draught through their agent when requesting pilotage service.


-          Trieste – Crude oil washing regulations

In response to enquiries from members INTERTANKO would like to highlight the local regulations regarding crude oil washing (COW).

COW is compulsory for conventional tankers that need to ballast cargo tanks.  Vessels with SBT are only to COW upon charterer’s/receiver’s instructions.

Source: Cambiasso & Risso S.r.l., Genoa


            Lagos - Pilotage service extended

After the acquisition of two new tugs and two new pilot cutters, Nigeria’s National Port Authority (NPA) has announced that pilotage services in the Lagos navigational district have been extended up to midnight, which means the extension of the services for all vessels, from 18:00 hours to 24:00 hours daily.

Saudi Arabia

-          Yanbu – Loading or discharging of benzene

As per notification from the Royal Commission Environmental Regulation Section all ships chartered to load or discharge benzene must have a certificate of Annual Vapour Tightness Test.  To avoid delays to vessels a copy of the said certificate should be obtained in advance in order to obtain clearance from the Royal Commission.

United Arab Emirate

-          Fujairah – Landing of oily sludge suspended

Landing of oily sludge to Fujairah shore is temporarily suspended due to technical problems in Arabian Environmental Protection Co. L.L.C.  Therefore tank cleaning procedures as per their Notice to Mariners Nos. 44 and 51 dated 5 September 1995 and 8 December 1997 and Notice to Agent No. 8/99 dated 27 December 1999 are suspended until further notice.

Source: Gulf Agency Company (Dubai) L.L.C., Dubai

-        Jebel Ali – Channel depth reduced

The channel depth at the port of Jebel Ali has been reduced from 15 to 14 metres.  Hence, with effect from 29 May 2000 vessels with a maximum draught of up to 13 metres + tides are allowed at the port.

Source: Gulf Agency Company (Dubai) L.L.C., Dubai