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Thursday, October 18, 2018


We have cost items from BAYTOWN(TX) – PORT SUDAN – YEMEN.


-        Port Sudan – Royalty fee on liquid cargoes at Port Sudan

Further to our articles in WEEKLY NEWS 27/2000 and 28/2000, as a result of pressure from INTERTANKO and others, the Sea Port Corporation (SPC) of Port Sudan has greatly reduced the royalty fee.  As from 1 July 2000 the royalty fee (on edible oil, molasses, crops, petroleum products, crude, fats, fertilizer and cement) is reduced from USD 0.75/MT to USD 0.30/MT.  The fee is to be collected by the agent.  A copy of the decree in Arabic has been received.  The Worldscale Association has been advised accordingly.

It is not likely, however, that the previous fee rate will be cancelled nor paid fees reimbursed.  Furthermore, SPC will not budge regarding having the implementation of the new fee rate postponed.


-        Baytown – Additional emergency response fee

Referring to our article in WEEKLY NEWS 27/2000 regarding this issue, please note that the assessed fee will apply for all berths and terminals located in Baytown.  This specific charge at Exxon Mobile Refinery is not significant enough to warrant any differential for the Exxon Mobile Refinery as it only amounts to less than USD 0.01 in the flat rate.


-    New cargo discharge tariffs

Effective from July 1 2000 new port tariffs have been announced for foreign vessels calling at Yemeni ports for cargo discharge operations only.

The new tariff does not apply to other types of vessels such as those calling for bunkers, passenger crafts, etc. Please click here for an overview of the tariffs.

 Source: Gulf Agency Co. (Yemen) Ltd.