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Thursday, October 18, 2018


DNVPS have issued a bunker alert relating to a clear shift in quality of bunkers lifted at Durban, South Africa. The Quality shift has been detected by comparison of the average quality of 26 bunker liftings this year and compared with the average quality of last years bunker sample analysis.

The results of the comparison shows a significant increase in Ash content of bunkers lifted this year with the ash content elements showing clear signs as having come from a high dosing of bunkers with Used Automotive Lube Oils (ULO) - (see INTERTANKO Bunker Supplement - June 2000).  DNVPS calculate that the content of ULO in the bunkers being supplied is approximately 5%.  As has been shown by research such levels of ULO can impact effective purification of the bunker prior to use.

Together with the foregoing observation DNVPS have noted a significant shift in the CCAI value of the recently delivered bunkers at this port from an original value of 857 up to 863.

DNVPS have recommended to their clients that, if bunkering at Durban, Owners should test all IFO samples and if the results show a high ULO profile then assurances should be sought from bunker suppliers that the fuel will not lead to operational problems or health hazards although the fuel may meet ISO 8217 specifications.  INTERTANKO would endorse this recommendation and indeed go further by suggesting that assurances be obtained from bunker suppliers that the bunker delivery will not contain ULO.

INTERTANKO would be pleased to learn of Members experiences given the content of this alert.