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Friday, September 21, 2018


INTERTANKO would like to inform its Members about the following information received from CALTEX regarding CALTEX’s vetting procedures:


Whenever a vessel is nominated to lift a Caltex cargo or call at a Caltex-operated marine terminal, vetting approval for the particular vessel is required. All vessel nominations must be made by Caltex's affiliates. A vessel vetting request made directly by a third party will not be accepted.

Caltex shareholders Texaco and Chevron provide ship vetting services to Caltex Trading Pte Ltd., for chartered and third party vessels above 10,000 DWT. Vessels below 10,000 DWT, unless chartered by Caltex's shareholders, are inspected and/or vetted by Caltex.

Chartered Vessels

Caltex's shareholders will clear, screen and approve vessels they charter in for Caltex using their existing process. For additional details, please refer to Texaco and Chevron vetting guidelines.

Third Party Vessels 10,000 DWT and Above

Caltex will obtain shareholders vetting decision of vessels in the following category: 

a) Calling at Caltex owned or operated marine facilities.
b) Carrying cargo owned by Caltex.
c) Calling at non-Caltex facilities where Caltex has title to the cargo while it is onboard the vessel. 

Caltex will co-ordinate these approvals with the appropriate shareholder and advise decision regarding such requests.

Caltex Chartered or Third Party Vessels below 10,000 DWT

Vessels in this category will be inspected according to the OCIMF SIRE format, and vetted by Caltex, using Caltex inspection database, shareholders vetting databases and/or other information e.g. SIRE reports.

During the vetting and approval process the following is some of the information considered:

• Owner and Operator experience and effectiveness
• Quality of Officers and Crew
• Inspection Data
• Casualty Data
• Previous Caltex and/or shareholder experience with the vessel and/or owner
• Vessel's age, flag, classification society, etc.
·   Port State Information

Vetting Inspection

Caltex uses the inspection services of its shareholders to perform vetting inspection. Requests from ship owners or operators for vetting inspection of vessels above 10,000 DWT will be returned with an advisory to contact one of the shareholders. For vessels below 10,000 DWT, Caltex will arrange and conduct the inspection as per owners or operators request.

Caltex, Texaco and Chevron use SIRE in lieu of proprietary inspections to the extent possible.

For further information, please contact

Capt. Tan Say Yeow, Caltex Marine Superintendent,
Caltex Marine Services, Caltex Trading Pte Ltd,
30 Raffles Place, #25-00 Caltex House, Singapore 048622, Tel: +65-439 1133 (0), +65-9752 8727 (HIP), +65-777 9201 (Res), E-mail: