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Thursday, October 18, 2018


       -          Melbourne, Reduction of port charges

The Victorian Regulator-general has ordered a reduction of port charges of 5.2% in the Port of Melbourne.  The reduction in charges will be made by the gradual abolition of berth hire and rental charges over the next three years.  These charges levied on the stevedoring companies and recovered by them from port users amount to about AUD 5,000.00/day for a ship docked in the port.

Source: Patrick Sleigh Shipping Agency Pty. Ltd., West Chatswood (an agency within the Inchcape Shipping Services)

-          Sydney, Reduction in pilotage charges

Sydney Sea Ports (SSP) announced a reduction in pilotage charges of 2.5% effective from 1 July 2000.  The new pilotage charges include:

-          A deduction in the general charge from AUD 0.0913/GT to AUD 0.0875/GT.

-          No increases to the max/min charges of AUD 2,560.00/350.00.

Source: Patrick Sleigh Shipping Agency Pty. Ltd., West Chatswood (an agency within the Inchcape Shipping Services)

        -          Vadinar, Levy on port charges at the LPO (Lighterage Point Operation)

In response to a report from one of our members who received retrospective charges on wharfage dues at the LPO at Vadinar back to 1998, INTERTANKO approached the Kandla Port Trust (KPT) to clarify the situation.

On 7 August 2000 we received a reply from KPT.  The initial plan was to charge INR 18.00/MT total at the LPO (INR 12 from mother vessel and INR 6 from daughter vessel).  However, considering the fact that operations at the LPO did not involve services commensurate with the rate of INR 18.00/MT and also the fact that such a charge would impose a heavy financial burden on the trade, the KPT reviewed the issue favourably to the owners.

Hence, the wharfage charge will only be invoiced for the daughter vessel using the port at the rate of INR 6.00/MT.

Source:  Kandla Port Trust/Administration, Gandhidham

       -          Port Sudan, Royalty fee on liquid cargoes

Further to our article in WEEKLY NEWS 29/2000 the Sea Ports Corporation of Sudan (SPC) claims that the implementation of a Royalty Fee on cargoes was advised in a circular dated 22 November 1999 to all agents at Port Sudan.  However, according to local sources, the local agents have received no such circular.

INTERTANKO has requested a copy of the circular from SPC for our files and requested SOC to send a copy to INTERTANKO of any future circulars regarding changes to enable us to give proper advice to our members.