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Saturday, October 20, 2018


On behalf of Mr. Erric Kertsikoff, Chairman of the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum, we wish to remind the members of INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Forum about the forthcoming meeting on 20 September 2000 at the Metropolitan Hotel (Ex-Chandris Hotel) details of which were circulated earlier.

We are honoured to have as our guest Adm. (R). Efthimios Mitropoulos, Assistant Secretary-Generalof the International Maritime Organization (IMO), who will address the meeting on a number of important issues of interest to tanker operators. He has kindly accepted to share his views on any possible impact in the IMO activity of the general globalisation within the industry, as well as the latest developments and prospective actions as a consequence of the Erika accident.

In conjunction with this meeting, INTERTANKO will also organise a Seminar at the Metropolitan Hotel on 19 September with the following themes:

  • INTERTANKO Awareness Guide on Corrosion
  • CRUCOGSA - Research Programme
  • Practical Guidelines for Cargo Operations (Multiphase Guidelines)
  • Pumping - Practical Guidelines

Dragos Rauta, Technical Manager of INTERTANKO, will give a few introductory remarks on the INTERTANKO Corrosion Awareness Guide, however most of the programme will be based on presentations given by Dr. Timothy Gunner, INTERTANKO’s Consultant on Cargo Operation related matters. Dr. Gunner will introduce the audience to the results of the CRUCOGSA Research Programme (The Physical Behaviour of Crude Oil Influencing its Carriage by Sea), which is based on the best database of information on crude oils existing so far. The CRUCOGSA Study Report has drawn a few important conclusions which will assist INTERTANKO in developing more specific Guidelines to tanker operators on handling crude oil during transportation in such a way that the cargo is kept in its liquid phase. Dr. Gunner will also present INTERTANKO Guidelines for Pumping Calculations. Both Guidelines are due to be published in September this year.

The Seminar is free of charge and we encourage members of the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum involved in cargo operation onboard tankers to attend the Seminar. We aim to have an exchange of views for a final possible improvement of the Guidelines before they are published.

Members who have not yet registered their attendance are reminded to do so. For registration details and the programme please mail to: