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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Further to a number of enquiries and concerns by members regarding problems with UK port reception facilities, INTERTANKO has had positive reports back from both the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the Department of Environment Transport and the Regions (DETR) regarding future action in such cases.

Following a number of reports brought to INTERTANKO’s attention regarding inadequate reception facilities at Fawley, North Tees, Immingham, Tranmere and Tetney, amongst others, the MCA were contacted regarding action in these ports. With little or no enthusiasm to tackle the problem on the part of the ports themselves, INTERTANKO was forced to approach the MCA together with the DETR after the ports in question were unable to provide any further assistance on the matter.

With the DETR tightening up on the reception facilities issue in the UK they are ensuring that the MCA play their role in improving the port/ship interface. As a result, INTERTANKO members are encouraged to report any problems in the UK to INTERTANKO ( so that they may be followed up with the appropriate action. Reports received to date have been forwarded to the MCA with vessel and owners’ names removed. Serious complaints will be followed up with a check on the port’s waste management services that will determine whether a port inspection is required.

Members are further encouraged to contact INTERTANKO with any immediate problems with ports regarding this matter. Please contact Tim Wilkins (Tel. +44 207 369 1663, Fax. +44 207 626 7078).