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Saturday, October 20, 2018


The 19 September sees the start of the process to put SIRE inspectors through an exam to gauge their abilities.

This has long been one of the ambitions of the INTERTANKO Vetting Committee, following a number of complaints about the standards of professionalism and competency of inspectors.  It has to be said that this was more in the past than today. 

It is hoped to see the vetting inspectors all attending a training course followed by the exam.  Whilst 2 years has been identified as the probable time for all inspectors to be  examined, it is expected that this will be done in a much shorter period.

Today with owners reporting on the performance of the inspectors, it is noticeable how few complaints there are. The advantage of the system is that the same complaint from several different sources is a powerful indication that an inspector is not performing to standard.  The charterers have taken note of such complaints from INTERTANKO and some unsatisfactory inspectors are known to have ceased vetting inspections.  It is important for you to keep INTERTANKO informed as we are able to assist in bringing about improvements.