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Friday, September 21, 2018


This week, INTERTANKO visited new associate member laycan ASA for a demonstration of their newly developed online trading application.

The company was established in December 1999 and today has a staff of 20 people, including US representatives, consisting of both experienced ship brokers and IT professionals, aiming to build up an independent online market place.  

The laycan software system is a comprehensive application developed to manage all aspects of the chartering and document handling process, where shipowners and charterers communicate in a one-to-many or one-to-one environment, and users can choose categories of quotes they want to receive or to whom they want to quote – one, a chosen few or the entire market place. Further negotiations take place directly between charterer and owner in a private point-to-point communication, where terms can be accepted or rejected and drafts of chosen charter parties are available. The entire trade process is automatically monitored and all relevant documents and information are filed in the laycan system, designed to save time and costs on post-fixture administration. The laycan system will also provide necessary information such as market intelligence, port information, weather reports, voyage estimates and calculations.  The package introduced by seems to direct the parties involved to undertake the exchange of documents in a very orderly way. stresses reduced commission as a main advantage for the owners.  However, it remains to be seen whether a reduced brokers’ commission will be sufficient to make people move into a new, and to a great extent unknown business environment, which is largely based on electronic rather than person-to-person contact.

The demonstration was impressive and the people from seem to have taken a professional approach to the difficult task of launching an online market place. The system is still under development with the first fixtures expected within the gas tanker market shortly and the tanker market to follow in the coming months. More information and registration for the system can be found at

We have previously written about, launched by Clarkson in co-operation with Shell and BPAmoco, which of course already has the advantage of support from major market players. And we have taken a look at and would welcome information on possible other sites from our readers. is backed by the shipping investment house Tufton Oceanic and a number of other partners involved in e-commerce and venture capital business. is “a neutral, electronic exchange for the shipping industry allowing online chartering transactions and providing a full range of content and services for the entire shipping community offering much of the same package as

Probably there will not be room for many Internet brokers in the market, and it remains to be seen who will take the lead in introducing a package that the market can use and accept.

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