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Friday, September 21, 2018


We have previously written about on-line Internet chartering pages. Below is the latest one brought to our attention during a visit to Sweden.

Spocanet is an electronic market place for the voyage charter market. The idea of Spocanet is to allow shipcharterer, shipowners and their agents to trade efficiently with the help of structured, sharp and time-limited offers and bids on an electronic board, with semi-automatic design. The Spocanet-system enables members to carry out the entire chartering process over the Internet, fully independent of office hours etc. The closed business will automatically be confirmed to both parties in a fast and thoroughly detailed fixture note. Since the key figures from all fixtures will be saved in the database, all members will have access to these statistics. This means increased market knowledge and a better decision quality. Furthermore, the database structure of Spocanet enables members to make timesaving individual profiling of the market information they choose to monitor. The initial marketing will be directed at northwest Europe and the Baltic, firstly to the dry bulk market.

Spocanet is based on membership and has 275 members from some 40 countries, including charterers, brokers and owners. Membership for 4 months is free and commission (or transaction costs) is 0.4% with a minimum of 50 and maximum of 500 EUR.

Arcaros Net Board Systems AB was founded in 1998 by Arnold Carlzén. SpocaNet, a neutral exchange for ship chartering, was introduced during 1999. FeedComNet and GrainExNet, both for commodity trading, were introduced during 2000. The system is said to be flexible to enable incorporation of various shipping segments including tankers.

More information and registration for the system can be found at

We have previously written about, launched by Clarkson in co-operation with Shell and BPAmoco, which of course already has the advantage of support from major market players. And we have taken a look at and would welcome information on possible other sites from our readers. is backed by the shipping investment house Tufton Oceanic and a number of other partners involved in e-commerce and venture capital business. is “a neutral, electronic exchange for the shipping industry allowing online chartering transactions and providing a full range of content and services for the entire shipping community” and offers much the same package as, which we wrote about in week 36.

Probably there will not be room for many Internet brokers in the market, and it remains to be seen who will take the lead in introducing a package that the market can use and accept.

For further market information, please visit the INTERTANKO tanker market pages on our web’s members' area.