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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


At the last meeting of the Equasis Editorial Board, the Management Unit was requested to send every 2 months to the Editorial Board members information on the complaints received and the way they were handled.

Click here for a synopsis of these statistics as at end of August 2000 (Excel document).

Since the total number of complaints is significant and there are quite a few individual ships on which such complaints were entered, we again advise members to access the Equasis Database and check the records of their ships. For ease of reference, we also set out below the sequence of the complaints procedure:

  1. Checking the reality of the link between the claimant and the ship involved (documents, certificates to be requested).
  2. Establishing the reliability of the claim (documents, certificates to be requested).
  3. Comparison between the data displayed on Equasis and the data received from the provider.
  4. If the consistency of the data is confirmed, and as a result if Equasis is in line with the supplied data, reporting the claim to provider (or the involved Maritime Authority for complaint about the PSC data) with relevant documents which will have been obtained from the claimant.
  5. Investigation by the provider and possible correction via the routine updating procedure (except in case of urgency).
  6. Provider informing the claimant on the follow-up, Equasis kept informed.


  • The complainant has to transmit evidence of his relationship with the involved ship and the exact nature of his complaint (except in the case of a "negative" complaint, for instance when the complainant is stating that a ship does not belong to him).
  • Equasis does not correct the data on its own authority. Only the owner of the data is entitled to amend his data.
  • The Editorial Board did not adopt a proposal to have the complaints submitted through a shipowner association. However, INTERTANKO will assist and advise.

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