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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Rear Admiral Efthimios Mitropoulos, Assistant Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) addressed the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum meeting.

The INTERTANKO Seminar and the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum meeting were held on 19 and 20 September respectively under the Chairmanship of Mr. Erric Kertsikoff of Eletson Corporation.

Representatives from 5 countries, namely Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey, attended these events, with over 70 participating at each event.  The meetings were also attended by Mr. Svein Ringbakken, Mr. Dragos Rauta, Capt. Robert Bishop and Ms. Donna M. Tang-de Leon of the INTERTANKO Secretariat.

The Forum had the benefit of a presentation given by Rear Adm. Efthimios Mitropoulos, who recognised the good performance of the tanker industry. However, the Erika accident had created a lot of damage and political unrest. Mr. Mitropoulos expressed the hope that INTERTANKO would adopt a pragmatic view in IMO and would fully co-operate with Governments to address the issue at a political level too.

The INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum stressed that the IMO regulations focussed too much on hardware, i.e. the ship’s hull, and that INTERTANKO should take the initiative and promote measures to improve the software of our industry, such as cargo knowledge, cargo operation and safety of navigation.

Mr. I (John) Krousouloudis was elected as a new member of the INTERTANKO Hellenic Committee.

The INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum has screened the applications of two companies applying for membership, namely; Bati Ship Management S.A. of Turkey and Prime Marine Management Inc. of Greece. Members of the Forum were given information on the applicants and it was agreed to recommend their applications to the Council for approval.

The INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum addressed a few important issues:

Classification Societies

It is in INTERTANKO’s interest to have a more constructive dialogue with major Classification Societies and IACS.

Liability and compensation for oil pollution damage

The Forum strongly supported INTERTANKO’s position to keep the CLC and Fund Conventions regarding liability and compensation for oil pollution damage, but recognised that it might be necessary to increase the limits of compensation.

INTERTANKO and the audience expressed appreciation to Rear Adm. Efthimios Mitropoulos for his contribution and effort in attending the Forum meeting.

Seminar for Members

In conjunction with the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum Meeting a Seminar was organised on 19 September in which over 70 persons participated.

Below are the themes presented at the Seminar by Dr. Timothy Gunner and Mr. Dragos Rauta, which are the results of projects and research work carried out by INTERTANKO. These results will be developed into Guidelines to assist in a better and safer performance of tanker crews:

  • Tanker Corrosion
  • CRUCOGSA (The Physical Behaviour of Crude Oil Influencing its Carriage by Sea)
  • Pumping – practical guidelines
  • Multiphase – practical guidelines

Feedback from the participants attending this Seminar indicated that the Seminar was of a high quality and extremely useful.

Material from the Seminar will be despatched shortly to those participants who attended the Seminar and expressed an interest in having it.