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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


It has been brought to INTERTANKO’s attention that Greenpeace is sending letters and faxes to European shipping companies ‘demanding’ to know of their policies on TBT-based anti-fouling paints and ship recycling. As a result, a copy of the TBT enquiry was received by the Secretariat and tabled at the last meeting of the Environmental Committee.  The Committee decided that members who receive this letter should be aware of the option to contact INTERTANKO so that the Secretariat may reply on their behalf outlining our policy on TBT-based paints and ship recycling.

The Environmental Committee has been working on both these issues for the past 18 months and has already been in contact with Greenpeace and other environmental organisations advising them of INTERTANKO’s proactive approach to the two issues, which must be stressed in any reply to these enquiries from Greenpeace.  For more information or further guidance please contact Tim Wilkins