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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Oil demand to grow by 3 mbd in the fourth quarter of 2000

According to the 10 October IEA Monthly Oil Market Report, world oil demand is expected to grow by nearly 3 mbd to 78.4 mbd from the 3rd quarter to the 4th quarter 2000. In September world oil production averaged 77.4 mbd. The world oil supply and demand spread sheet can be found on the Market Pages on our web site. SOURCE: IEA

Market graphs and break-even rates calculation spreadsheet

Earlier this week, INTERTANKO’s Erik Ranheim gave a presentation on recent developments in the tanker market at the Singapore Market Forum. Graphs used in this presentation can be found on the Market Pages on our web site and downloaded as a PowerPoint file

A model for tanker investment break-even calculation has also been developed and can be downloaded as an Excel spread sheet.  Enter your own operation costs, required rate of investment, required ESP, and costs and the programme calculates the break-even time charter equivalent in USD per day. When downloading the spread sheet, please remember to enable macros.