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Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Reference is made to Weekly NEWS No. 39/2000, where we mentioned that a vessel had been kept waiting after her laycan without berthing prospects and totally without information from the terminal.  When the vessel, after one week’s waiting, was finally ordered to berth, it was admitted that the waiting time had been a “punishment” for non-payment of funds at the vessel’s prior call.

INTERTANKO has also been informed that a vessel lost its subjects as “load port clearance” was denied by the Iraqis for the same reason.

INTERTANKO is very pleased to have had active contact on this issue with several of its members and  associate members, the latter mainly represented by major oil companies.  We are happy to provide guidance and to gain further insight through fresh information from our membership. This exchange of information will certainly improve INTERTANKO’s possibility to identify solutions.  Direct contact has been established with the UN Office for the Iraq Programme for this purpose and INTERTANKO will further intensify its work with the UN in search of a permanent solution.

Furthermore, we understand that a meeting of the Sanctions Committee is imminent and INTERTANKO will seek to influence the agenda.  In the meantime, anyone who may have relevant news on this issue, or who would like INTERTANKO’s guidance is kindly requested to Gunnar Knudsen: or phone +47 22 12 26 58.


Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 40/2000, after the Russian Maritime Pilot Association’s (RMPA) latest initiative to stabilise the situation for their pilots, the first meeting between representatives from the Ministry of Transport (MoT) Maritime Fleet Service and RMPA took place on 5 October 2000 in Moscow.  Some progress was made.  MoT declared its intention to take steps to normalise the pilot service at Novorossiysk, where this nation wide conflict started.   RMPA has therefore postponed the strike planned for 9 October 2000, but will maintain the pre-strike readiness until the conflict is settled permanently.  INTERTANKO supports RMPA in their struggle to retain the pilot service, and is prepared to bring this conflict forward to the highest Russian authority in Moscow should the conflict continue.
SOURCE: The Russian Maritime Pilot Association, St. Petersburg


An update of the planned locks outages can be found on our web site.  Presently the traffic is moving normally with few delays and no backlog.  For vessels with a beam over 91 feet occasional delays of 24 hours may be expected.  For vessels with a beam less than 91 feet there are no delays or transit restrictions.

SOURCES: Panama Canal Authority Balboa; Barwil Agencies S.A., Panama City; Salvesen & Odd Agencies A.s., Oslo/Boyd Steamship Corp., Panama; C. Fernie & Co. S.A., Cristobal; Canega Shipping Services, Houston

PORT COSTS – Netherlands Antilles; United Kingdom; USA


At the Statia Terminal N.V., St. Eustatius, a new dock charges tariff will be in effect from 1 November 2000.  Please note that the new dock charge is based upon DOCK CHARGE UNITS * (not DWT). 

Dock Charge Unit = LOA x Beam x Moulded Depth.
Dock Charge Unit                USD           Incl. tugs in/out (1)
Up to 25,400                    8,550.00           1/1
  25,401 to  68,500         15,900.00           2/2
  68,501 to 104,600        21,700.00           2/2
104,601 to 169,900        26,200.00           2/2
169,901 to 202,100        30,800.00           2/2
202,101 to 220,600        37,300.00           2/2
220,601 to 264,700        42,200.00           2/2
264,701 to 331,500        47,600.00           2/2
Over 331,500                 53,900.00  (2)     2/2

(1) Additional tugs may be required by the pilot and vessel's Master. If provided, such additional towage will cost USD 8,500/day for each additional tug or pro-rate (12-hour minimum). 10-days’ notice is required.
(2) Dock charges increase by USD 0.07/Dock Charge Unit for each additional unit above 331,501.
The above charges include pilotage (in and out), line handling, line boat(s) and tugs as indicated.

Oil response equipment charge:
Statia Terminals N.V. has a large inventory of spill response equipment on site for vessels’ protection. A Statia Marine Equipment Response Fee (SMERF) of USD 0.09 / DWT is levied by the terminal. This fee is a standby fee only. If an actual spill occurs, additional charges will be levied for use of the equipment, materials and manpower.

Ship Agency is NOT covered by Dock charges.

Source:  Canega Shipping Services, Houston


As from 6 November 2000 a voluntary payment of GBP 35.00 per call will be requested in respect of all vessels in excess of 8,500 GT berthing at a jetty or pier within the Sullom Voe Harbour Area.  Such funds will be forwarded without deduction to the British and International Sailors Society.
SOURCE: Craypen Ltd., Sullom Voe/Shetland Islands Council, Sullom Voe


Further to our advice in Weekly NEWS No. 36/2000 regarding the ITT tug rate increase, Suderman & Young and Bay-Houston have also increased their tariffs by approx. 5%.
SOURCE: Lyondell-Citgo Refining Company Ltd., Houston; G.M.Richards Enterprises Inc., Houston