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Thursday, October 18, 2018


The Committee decided that the creation of a separate Shipbrokers Committee, as per request particularly from US-based shipbrokers, would not promote the integration of associate members with the full members of INTERTANKO.  Instead it was decided that the shipbrokers’ profile should be strengthened by expanding the Committee by two seats (from 7 to 9).  One seat should be offered to a US-based shipbroker, the other to a shipyard, preferably Far East-based.  It was also decided that a session dedicated to shipbrokers’ issues would be arranged for the Sydney Tanker Event.  Input to agenda items is hereby encouraged and may be sent to Gunnar Knudsen,

The Committee reviewed to what extent associate members take part in INTERTANKO’s Committees.  It was proposed that a Class representative should be part of ISTEC, that one of the Clubs should be on the Vetting Committee, and that a Class representative should also be part of CTOAG.  The IT Committee might consider including a representative from the “.com” industry.

The future strategy of the Associate Member Committee will be:

  • Increased integration through committees.
  • Programmes for associate members at the Tanker Events.  Members and associate members as speakers.
  • The structure of the programme should be joint with that of the members.
  • Select groups to be invited to Panels for regional activities.
  • Invite feedback from the associate membership not only to the Council but also to the Executive Committee

The following Quality Criteria for associate membership were endorsed by the Council:

  1. The company should state whether a quality system suitable for its business is in place. 

    If not, items 2 to 4 should be answered,
  2. Provide two references from members or associate members of INTERTANKO.
  3. Provide a brief profile of the company.
  4. List any membership in relevant professional organisation.

INTERTANKO will contact all current associate members who have not already responded to the previous request for “ISO certification or equivalent”.  These will still have until 30 September 2001 to respond to the above revised criteria