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Saturday, October 20, 2018



As from 1 October 2000 the following new rules/regulations apply for Caleata Olivia SBM:

A/ USD 0.04 / MT being levied from the carrier.
B/ USD 1.92 /metre of LOA levied on a daily basis.

With regard to the USD 3000.00 monthly rate for the use of the loading area, this charge is being levied by the Comodoro Port Authority against the SBM owner and is neither connected nor related to the carrier within Port Call Disbursement. The above-mentioned charges will be levied extensively in the coming days also for the SBM-facilities at Caleata Cordova and Caleata Olivares in the Comodoro Rivadavia-region.

Source: Agencia Maritima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires


We raised this issue in our P&T Circular No. 7/1998, and based on local information we established that ?time keeper charges? were covered by the normal agency fee. Again a member has been invoiced with such charges. In order to once and for all clarify the situation, INTERTANKO again checked the validity. Based on recent information, the Argentine Ships Agents Association ?Centro de Navegacion Transatlantica? on 1 July 1995 enforced their tariff, which has remained unchanged and states as follows:

2.5. For lighterage, transhipment and top-off operations:

a/ At the first place/anchorage for max 4 days ?? ??? USD 3,510.00
b/ For subsequent lighterages, transhipments or top-off operations carried out at other anchorages and for each case for max 4 days ??????. USD 2,860.00
c/ For each additional day or pro rata ???????????. USD 260.00

5.11. Agency staff in attendance on board:

Agency staff on board during such operations per person per day .. USD 30.00

There is no reference whatsoever in the tariff that governs the River Plate Ship Agency Industry to so-called ?time keeper charges?, nor has the local Argentine Ships Agents Association, ?Centro de Navegacion Transatlantica?, approved them. Such expenses are incorporated in the above mention rates/tariff.

Source: Agencia Maritima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires


The compulsory charges at Gdañsk Crude and Liquid Oil Terminal were increased as from 15 September 2000. The new rates are as follows:

1/ Assistance of fire brigade ????. USD 90.00/hour
2/ Anti spill protection ???????.. USD 44.00/hour (unchanged since 1991)

The anti spill protection charge does not apply to gas carriers.

Source: Poseidon & Frachtcontor Junge Ltd., Gdynia


In July 2000 a tanker loaded fuel oil at Kronstadt 5A Zone outside St. Petersburg. The charterer?s agent failed to advise the owner of the possibility of required tug assistance at cost during mooring operations. In the agent?s proforma d/a ?tug services in/out? USD 800.00 was estimated. Although it appeared cheap, the owner had no reason to anticipate anything else than an adjustment of this sum. After the vessel had departed, however, and the owner received the final d/a, the USD 800.00 turned out to be for the transportation of officials to and from the tanker at the offshore location, and the amount invoiced was not simply adjusted, but increased by 100% to USD 1,605.60.

In addition to the total final d/a an invoice for assistance by 4 tugs was added in the amount of USD 8,640.00. This was accompanied by vouchers signed by the master.. This mooring tug-assistance is billed directly but via the agent. The additional invoice included steaming cost (3-4 hours each way) from base in St. Petersburg and return. The agent admitted a clerical error in not mentioning that extra tug expenses may be required for mooring operations. However, did not admit any flaw in their service to the principal, namely the ship owner.

Compared to the estimated port cost of USD 33,000 the final d/a amounted to USD 34,000 plus USD 8,640, an increase in the estimated port cost of 25%. Needless to say this came as a total surprise to the owner. Although they paid for the service rendered, the owner has decided to blacklist the agency in question and has notified the charterer and the charter?s agent accordingly. Regarding port cost at Kronstadt INTERTANKO has advised the Worldscale Association, London. As Kronstadt has not been included in the WS, this will now be done. Although tug service at Kronstadt is not compulsory, the masters must expect the pilots to request such assistance for safety purposes.