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Thursday, October 18, 2018


The text below was made now available from the ISO Working Group on Bunker Fuel Specification. INTERTANKO, represented by Tim Gunner, assisted in achieving this goal as agreed by the INTERTANKO Bunker Sub-Committee.

Agreed public statement on CIMAC HF WG and WG6 meetings, September 2000.

The CIMAC (International Council on Combustion Engines) Heavy Fuels Working Group, and ISO Working Group on the Specification of bunker fuel oil quality, met on 26 and 27 September respectively, to continue their revisions of marine fuel requirements and standards.

The main issue to be resolved was that of how to exclude Used Lubricating Oil from bunker fuels. Both Working Groups agreed consistent methodology, based on using certain specific elements as a fingerprint for Used Lubricating Oil.  Provisional limits for these elements were agreed, but confirmation must be subject to the confirmed availability of suitable test methods, and precision data for the same.

There are no other substantial issues requiring work for the current revision.

Due to the requirement to develop suitable test methods before the ISO Standard can proceed to a Consultative Document, it is not anticipated that work will be complete until around September 2001.  Due to the more relaxed procedural requirements for CIMAC, the CIMAC guidelines may be available earlier than that.