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Monday, September 24, 2018


We were requested at the Vetting Committee meeting by OCIMF to remind members to enter their VPQs in the SIRE System. Only 50% of the ships listed in the SIRE database have VPQ information.

OCIMF have stated that  use of VPQ information by potential charterers would increase if the SIRE data base could be seen as a reliable source of this information.  This would hopefully lead to a drastic improvement in the efficiency of exchanging this information in lieu of the late Friday evening faxes of various questionnaires. OCIMF have confirmed that the latest VPQ computer version is 2.0.94 and the current edition (paper version), is 1st edition 1997. What this means is that either of the above may be used for VPQ purposes. However, if an owner wishes to have his VPQ data entered into the SIRE system, then he must use the VPQ computer software stated above. OCIMF have informed us that a VPQ sent to SIRE in any other format cannot be processed into the SIRE database.

If OCIMF receives incompatible VPQ formats, they will endeavour to inform the owner accordingly and request the VPQ to be submitted electronically using the VPQ software. One important note on this matter is that although the VPQ may have been submitted correctly it may not appear on the OCIMF SIRE Index. The Index lists the reports for inspections that have been conducted in the last 12 months. Because of the way the Index is currently structured, it is impossible for a SIRE Recipient to order a VPQ that does not have an inspection report attached to it. Hence, the vessel must have a report listed on the Index in order for the VPQ to be shown as available. For VPQ support questions, please contact SIRE via email at or