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Thursday, October 18, 2018


We have been advised by CDI of the introduction of new charges for entering

Owners’ comments by fax. We quote from CDI as follows:


Introduction of charges for entering owner's comments to reports The ISIS database is designed to be a paperless system, providing functionality that allows the ship owner to download the report and enter his comments. For some owners, communication problems with the early version necessitated comments to be faxed and entered by the staff at CDI. The upgraded ISIS2000 database, with Internet communication, has now eliminated the problems. However, it is becoming apparent that some owners refuse to connect electronically and the daily process of entering owner's comments is proving an unacceptable burden for CDI. With the success of ISIS2000, owners should now be utilising the software and adopting the paperless system. From 1st January 2001, a charge of $250, payable by credit card, will be made for entering owner's comments. Owners connecting electronically can always be assured of the support of CDI when difficulties are encountered.

Yours faithfully,

Martin A. Whittle

General Manager, CDI


If further information is required please contact