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Saturday, October 20, 2018


INTERTANKO was present on 6 December at the 3rd meeting between the IACS Council and representatives of the different industry organisations (INTERTANKO, ICS, BIMCO, OCIMF, IUMI, shipowners association, oil companies, P&I Clubs).

The aim was to continue the dialogue on how the whole industry could together improve standards. The main issues were directly linked to the activities of the Classification Societies. The agenda of the meeting included items such as:

1. Role /Governance of IACS (present and future of relationship between classification societies, flag Administrations and ship owners;  accident Investigation; quality matters and the role of the IACS Quality Advisory Committee)

2. Transparency of Information

3. Enhanced Safety of Vessels in Class

Although some progress has been observed on the co-operation with the industry, it is the opinion of the INTERTANKO delegation that there are still quite a number of issues where a difference of opinion between IACS and the rest of the industry. There is full agreement on what issues are of high priority, but the measures to be taken not as easily agreed upon.

The meeting, however, had a positive outcome in that a unanimous agreement to establish a Working Group that will address some important issues, such as transparency of information, exchange of information on incidents and accidents, standards for new buildings, etc. Tentatively, the Working Group will meet on 11 January 2001.

INTERTANKO was represented by the Chairman, Mr. Westye Høegh, the Chairman of ISTEC, Dr. Nikos Mikelis and Dragos Rauta from the Secretariat.