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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Charges and dues on SBT tankers in Vadinar, India

INTERTANKO has been informed by one of its members that the policy for SBT relief at this port is highly confusing.  Until a reply to our inquiry has been received from the Kandla Port Trust, kindly note that SBT relief appears to have been withdrawn by KPT despite the fact that INTERTANKO has on file a letter from the Ministry of Surface Transport dated 11 February 2000 instructing all Indian ports to grant SBT relief.  This letter clearly states that "all Indian Port Trusts have been advised by the Ministry of Surface Transport to charge the port dues, from the tankers with segregated ballast tanks, on the basis of reduced gross tonnage".

We have furthermore been informed that the port has levied a Non-Insurance charge for use of an uninsured pull-back tug, 50% of which is passed on to the users (owners) and the amount is non-refundable and not covered in the Worldscale rate.  For a VLCC recently calling this terminal, the charge amounted to more than USD 17,000.

We look forward to providing our members with a clarification to the above SBT and Non-Insurance charge issues.  In the meantime, members should take due note of this information and seek protection for subsequent calls.  An update will be issued as soon as a response has been received from the Kandla Port Trust.

Piracy alert Singapore!

Following a raid by pirates on a tanker in the Singapore Strait on December 12, shipmasters and crews have been warned to be on the alert.

According to a Singapore Shipping Association circular dated 13 December 2000, the China-bound tanker was attacked 10 nautical miles south-east of Changi on the

Eastbound lane of the Singapore Strait Traffic Separation Scheme.  Twelve armed raiders robbed the crew of their belongings, but no injuries were reported.

As year-end festivities approach, extra vigilance must be exercised, especially during the hours of darkness.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has more information about the prevention of piracy and armed robbery against ships in their Port Marine Circular No.12 of 2000, which can be viewed on their website on:

Source: Gulf Agency (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.