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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Brazil/Paranagua – reduced draught at Petrobras pier

Due to heavy silting the Paranagua Pilots inform that the draught of the Petrobras internal tanker pier (inner pier) has been temporarily reduced from 33 feet brackish water to 28 feet at low water and 31 feet at high water.

The draught at the outer pier remains unchanged at 38 feet brackish water.

The port administration has promised to arrange for dredging soonest in order to bring the draught at the inner pier back to 33 feet.  INTERTANKO will keep members updated regarding any changes.

Source: MARCON Ltda., Paranagua

Egypt/Suez Canal – beam and draught allowances for transiting vessels

Further to our article in P&T Circular No. 01/2000, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) in a policy process to upgrade the waterway has decided that:

1/ Item (c) of Article 52 and item (1) of Article 53 of the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation (February 1995) and Circular No. 15/95 shall be waived.

2/ Vessels with beam of 175 feet 4 inches can transit the Canal with a draught of 58 feet.

3/ Vessels with a beam exceeding 175 feet can transit the Canal with tabulated draughts.

4/ Vessels in ballast with a beam over 245 feet can transit the Canal with a draught of not more than 32 feet forward and 36 feet aft.

Source: Gulf Agency Co. (Egypt) Ltd., Suez; International Shipping Enterprise (S.A.E.), Port Said

Egypt/Suez Canal – Seaworthiness Certificate

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 48/2000 the following are the I.A.C.S. classification societies recognised by the Suez Canal Authorities (Circular No. 2/2000):

  1. Lloyds register of Shipping (LR)
  2. Bureau Veritas Francais (BV)
  3. American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  4. Registro Navale Italiano (RINA)
  5. Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
  6. Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  7. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS)
  8. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)
  9. China Classification Society (CCS)
  10. Korean Register of Shipping (KR)

However, if the certificates are written in local languages only they should be translated into either Arabic or English and duly certified by the relevant Embassy or Consulate in Egypt.

Moreover, the certificate has to be issued by the classification society to which the ship belongs.  When the relevant classification society has no representation in the Canal Zone, a certificate issued by any other I.A.C.S. representation office may be accepted.

Source: International Shipping Enterprise (S.A.E.), Port Said

Nigeria/Lagos – dock workers on strike

Lagos dockworkers went on strike on 12 December 2000 demanding payment of arrears of the Federal Government minimum wage.  As a result, vessels in port both at Tincan and Apapa are currently lying idle.

It is not yet known if other Nigerian ports will be affected by the strike. News of developments will be given as it becomes available.

Source: Gulf Agency and Shipping (Nigeria) Ltd., Lagos