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Thursday, September 20, 2018


IMO has decided that in order for the pre-MARPOL and MARPOL single hull tankers, to continue trading for a few more years after 2005 and 2010 respectively, they need to pass a CAS examination. INTERTANKO has been deeply involved in this development, having taken the initiative for an industry wide effort, which was joined by Governments (Denmark, UK and the Netherlands - the Troika) and by IACS.

In the last 7 weeks we have been busy working on CAS. We have been involved in setting up and conducting three industry meetings (the third one organised by ICS) and also have participated in three meetings of the "Expanded Contact Group" (the three Troika Administrations, plus a large number of other interested flag Administrations, plus relevant industry bodies). Members of the ISTEC Working Group on Surveys invested extra effort and energy into this work. INTERTANKO felt that if CAS could be designed with care and foresight, it could then become a pivotal part of an industry quality initiative. (bearing in mind that, in all likelihood, CAS will in future be fully integrated with ESP and will therefore affect all tankers, and incidentally most other ship types)

The draft MEPC Resolution on CAS (including the CAS Guidelines) that will be discussed at the inter-sessional meeting in January is on our web site the link to which is:   It therefore should be regarded not as a final product but for information only. You will notice some text in square brackets which, in IMO procedures, means this text needs to be further considered in January and accepted, rejected or amended. For any questions or comments please contact Dragos Rauta by E-mail: