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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Bosphoros - Reports on problems to traffic in the Straits

The increased number of reports received over the recent months, reconfirms a trend we have seen with regard to impediments put on tanker navigation through the Bosphorous. The situation is continuously deteriorating.

The problem essentially is one of delays, that are increasing and the consequential costs are becoming substantial. Late last year, a tanker (Aframax) was delayed 24 hours through the passage of Bosphoros and another 5 hours before she was let to pass Dardanelles. The total delay to the vessel of 29 hours cost the Owners in today's market about $42,000 plus fuel.

INTERTANKO understands the need and supports measures to protect the environment from pollution and accidents, but also believes that these delays could be dramatically reduced with a better planning of the passage and with a review of the current rules for tanker passage. For instance, shortening the time between tankers on the convoy queue during daylight.

Members may also recall another incident experienced last July/August by an INTERTANKO Member (see Weekly News No. 32 of 18 August 2000) when a Suezmax tanker was detained and subjected to quite unprecedented demands regarding guarantees, unjustified salvage fees, requests of tug escorts and assistance beyond and above the current Turkish Authorities’ requirements, etc. We have also had a number of reports with regard to the pilotage and towboat arrangements from Members, which suggests that something needs to be done.

We would therefore encourage Members to share their experiences (positive and negative) with transiting these straits. Reports on facts and experiences would assist us in achieving a constructive dialogue with the local authorities. For comments or further details, please contact Mr. Dragos Rauta by E-mail