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Friday, October 19, 2018


Argentine/Bahia Blanca – reduction of toll dues

With effect from 01 January 2001 the toll dues for vessels entering/leaving the Bahia Blanca Bay are reduced from USD 0.28/NT to USD 0.26/NT.

Source:  Agencia Maritima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires


Mexico/Dos Bocas – increase of harbour dues

The following new rates were implemented as from 17 December 2000:

PORT DUES fixed tariff MXP 15,359.24 plus MXP 4.12/GT.

DOCKAGE DUES MXP 4.96 per berthed hour per metre of vessel’s LOA.


Mexico – increases of pilotage tariffs nationwide

The following new pilotage tariffs were implemented as from 1 January 2001 (old tariffs in brackets):

1/ Coatzacoalcos (Pajaritos):

Factor per GT 0.188 (0.173).

Factor per foot of draught 8.0 (7.0).

2/ Dos Bocas:

Factor per GT 0.151 (0.139).

Factor per foot of draught 7.0 (6.0).

3/ Cayo Arcas:

Factor per GT 0.170 (0.156).

Factor per foot of draught 8.0 (7.0).


Panama – towage rate increase

Effective 01 January 2001 Smit Panama has announced a 6% increase in port/harbour towage rates.

Source:  C. Fernie & Co. S.A., Colon


Spain/Bilbao – port tariffs increase effective from 01 January 2001

Increase of Bilbao Port Tariffs:

Port Dues: Unchanged.

Towage: + 12.9 %.

Mooring: +  9.6 %.

Pilotage: +  6.8 %.

Charges at the Petronor Terminal:

ESP        85 per MT of ballast.

ESP   1,200 per MT of slop.

ESP 70,000 minimum charge.

1/ Ballast should be discharged to shore facilities, exception is made to ballast completely segregated from cargo tanks, lines and pumps (SBT).

2/ The quantity of ballast acceptable by the terminal will be 30 to 50 % of the cargo to be transferred (according with the season of the year).

Use of terminal gangway at piers Nos. 1 and 2:

ESP 36,000/stay for vessels up to 50,000 DWT.

ESP 60,000/stay for vessels over 50,000 DWT.

Source: Sea Spain, Bilbao


Turkey – new tariffs applicable

Effective from 01 January 2001 new tariff rates are in force:

1/ SANITARY DUES for commercial vessels calling at Turkish ports have increased to TRL 220,000/NT (old rate 150,000).

For vessels transiting the Bosphorus and Dardanelles the Sanitary Dues remain at their present rate USD 0.0604/NT.


11-150 GT – TRL  3,960,000

151- 500     – TRL 10,000,000

501-3000    – TRL 13,300,000

over 3001   – TRL 16,590,000

CHAMBER OF SHIPPING FEE (excluding Mersin):
Upto 500 GT  – TRL 10,000,000    

501-1000      – TRL 15,000,000    

1001-1500    – TRL 20,000,000  

5001-2000    – TRL 25,000,000

2001-5000    – TRL 28,000,000

5001-10000   – TRL 32,000,000

10001-25000 – TRL 36,000,000

25001-50000 – TRL 42,000,000   

over 50001    – TRL 48,000,000


Upto 500 GT  – TRL 14,000,000

501-1000      – TRL 20,000,000

1001-2000    – TRL 24,000,000

2001-5000    – TRL 28,000,000

5001-10000   – TRL 32,000,000

10001-25000 – TRL 36,000,000

25001-50000 – TRL 42,000,000

over 50001    – TRL 48,000,000

Source:  Gulf Agency Denizcilik, Iskenderun;  Ets. A. Boutros & Fils, Iskenderun


UK/Grangemouth – increase of charges effective from 01 January 2001-01-03

1/ FORTH PORT PLC. SHIP’S DUES for ships trading U.K. coast only:

GBP 0.35/DWT for liquid tankers.

GBP 0.49/DWT for pressurised/refrigerated tankers.

GBP 0.38/DWT for other vessels.

2/ FORTH PORT PLC. SHIP’S DUES for ships trading foreign:

GBP 0.58/DWT for liquid tankers.

GBP 0.77/DWT for pressurised/refrigerated tankers.

GBP 0.61 for other vessels.

RIVER DUES GBP 1.48 per 50 DWT.


1/ Boarding and Landing fees increased by 3.0%.

2/ Pilotage Fee increased by 4.0%.

GRANGEMOUTH BOATMEN.  All rates increased by 2.5 – 3.0%

STEVEDORING.  All rates increased by 3%.


An increase of 10% was implemented 01 October 1999.  Following rates and conditions of towage at Grangemouth Approach No. 1 Buoy to dock (or outward) apply as from 01 January 2001:

1/ GBP 1,070.00 for vessels up to 85 m.

2/ GBP 1,665.00 for vessels 85 to 156 m.

3/ GBP 2,175.00 for vessels from 156 m and above.

4/ GBP   490.00/hour, minimum charge for three hours.

5/ Minimum 2,5 hours notice time required for ordering tugs.

6/ Two tugs available (Voith Snider).

Source:  J. T. Salvesen & Co. Limited, Grangemouth

UK/Killingholme – dredged channel dues

INTERTANKO would like to draw our members’ attention to the fact that vessels discharging at the Killingholme South Jetty to other receivers than Conoco or TotalFinaElf, and have a draught more than 35 feet, will incur Sunk Dredged Channel Dues based upon the cargo quantity discharged at the rate of GBP 0.0809/MT cargo discharged.  These expenses are not included in the WS flat rate.

Kindly note that Killingholme South Jetty can only accommodate vessels with draught over 35 feet on the highest spring tide.  This situation should be considered during negotiations if a Humber River discharge option is included.

Source:  Graypen Limited, Immingham


Uruguay – increase of pilotage tariff

With effect from 01 January 2001 the Uruguayan pilotage service tariff has been increased by approx. 1.32% above the existing tariff.

Source:  Agencia Maritima Silversea S.A., Buenos Aires


USA/US Gulf – tug boat fuel surcharge

Messrs. Bay Houston Towing Company is implementing, and Suderman & Young Towing Co. is assessing, a fuel service surcharge due to the sustained higher fuel prices for the ports of Corpus Christi, Freeport, Galveston, Houston and Texas City as from 15 January 2001.  Details are available by contacting the agent or the towing companies directly.

Source;  RioMar Agencies Inc., Houston