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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Additional pilotage charges in the Maracaibo

In connection with the different pilotage zones in the Venezuelan territory a clause was implemented in January 1992 to the effect that “vessels larger than 30.000 GT will make an additional payment of VEB 10,000”.  All Port Captaincies, however, applied and interpreted the clause to their particular requirements.

The practice was appealed by the shipping lines, and it was eventually judged in favour of the lines by the Tribunals of the Republic.  However, the invoicing continued.  In the Official Gazette No. 36.558 dated October 1998 the Law of Pilotage decree by the Congress of the Republic eliminated the above clause.

As reimbursements have not yet been done, INTERTANKO has written a letter to the Minister of Infrastructure in the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela strongly requesting  prudent actions.  INTERTANKO will keep its members advised regarding any fresh developments.

Reporting on requirements for gifts in Algerian ports

Based on a recent incident, INTERTANKO approached the Algerian authorities who were surprised to learn about it. The authorities urged masters to utilise the “Vessel’s Call Form” which was created by them to facilitate reports to masters.  INTERTANKO refers to the article in Weekly NEWS No. 27/2000 dated 07 July 2000 on the captioned issue.

The Vessel’s Call Form may be obtained from your local agent, or from INTERTANKO by contacting Captain Steinar Digre by E-mail