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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


The Editorial Board of Equasis will meet on 17 January in London. Among the information provided to this meeting are updates on the statistics on queried data.

Please click here to view these statistics.

Equasis will also amend its information on Port state control inspections so that the user may differentiate between past and present owners/managers in respect of PSC inspections. Although this division was clear from the history page of the ship, where the date when the present Ship manager took over is displayed, it was decided to have a more readable presentation of the Port State Control inspections. Considering that the ship manager is the one most directly involved in the safe operation of a vessel, it was decided to split PSC inspections at the date of change of manager. The current table giving the whole list of the PSC inspections carried out on the ship within the 3-year history will be divided into 2 parts : “Current ship manager inspections” table and “Previous ship manager(s) inspections” table. The presentation of these new tables will be similar to the current presentation and a review of the details of each inspection will be possible in the same way as it is today. The option “PSC information” of the menu will remain unchanged and offer the complete PSC inspection list.

Equasis, as requested by its Editorial Board, has investigated the possibility of defining more precisely the management of a vessel, using the following terms : Registered owner, DOC company (Technical Manager) and Commercial Manager. According to their investigations, it appears that the DOC company is not currently recorded by IACS, even though in general Classification societies are holding this information but not making it available. As a result, no source is able to supply the DOC company information. Therefore ship manager details as provided by LRS will remain.

The notion of Fleet Manager was originally meant to complement the description of the Ship Manager in the event that the data was either not available or not reliable. However, it does not correspond systematically with the Commercial Manager. Many queries received by Equasis concern Fleet Manager information. Therefore Equasis decided to remove the Fleet Manager from the database. LRS has redefined ship manager and as a result this field will be rarely blank (“ship manager” field being ship manager or the entity acting as ship manager).  This may strengthen the reliability of Equasis. As a result the option “Manager fleet” becomes the list of the ships being managed by the same Ship manager, instead of the Fleet manager. These amendments were implemented on 7 December.