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Saturday, October 20, 2018


We have been advised by the USCG that TANK VESSEL TVEL/LOC updates are available from the USCG web site

Please click here to access the USCG web site

We quote the following advised fees for this service:

  • Cost associated with the TVE:  Foreign Tankship examination fee:  USD 1100.00 U.S. Overseas User Fee:  USD 4585.00 U.S. Travel:  Approx.  USD 4K to USD 10,000.00 U.S. (depending on the location)

- The fee must be in U.S. currency by check or money order, drawn on a U.S. bank, and made payable to the  “U. S. Treasury” or can be charged to either VISA or MasterCard Credit Card using the attached form.

-Foreign Tankship examination fee must be mailed directly to: USCG Inspection Fees, PO Box 105663 “Please ensure vessel name and Lloyd’s  number is on the check.”  Atlanta, GA  30348-5663, USA

-Overseas User Fee in amount of USD 4585.00 must be forwarded to this office. The fee must be received before we start the inspection:

US Coast Guard, Lylantse Plein 1, 2908 LH Capelle a/d Ijssel, The Netherlands

-All travel costs associated with the TVE will be born by the vessel owner/operator.

  •  Also during a TVE, if we find deficiencies which are cause for a detention under the US. Coast Guard’s Port State Control Program, we will notify the host country’s Port State Control Officials of such deficiencies.
  • By having this TVE/LOC outside of U.S., it does not guarantee that the vessel will receive a TVE/LOC Letter.  Additionally, there may be restrictions placed on the vessel for deficiencies prior to entering U.S. waters.
  • Certified marine chemist must be available to conduct tests for toxic gases, oxygen, explosive gases and certify the ballast tank and the cargo pump room are safe for entry.
  • Please complete the “Application for TVE/COC”

For further information regarding TVE, please contact Capt Howard Snaith,