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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Indonesia – adjustments to port tariffs

In regard to the new governmental decision, tariffs PP 14 came into force on 23 May 2000.  This regulation is applicable to all Indonesian ports.  The new rule puts in place several new items such as light dues; port state control, dangerous cargo inspection, crew document inspection etc.

Besides these new items, the regulation also updates (reduces) the costs for harbour dues, berth dues, pilotage and towage.

On 01 September 2000 the Minister of Communication issued a letter to each of the 4 Pelindo (the Indonesian Port Authority) offices to adjust the port tariffs for the ports under their control.  As such, this new regulation replaces parts of PP 14 for harbour, berth dues, pilot and towage services.  All the other items from PP14 still remain valid.

All of the above is now the official regulation.  Although both new regulations came in force on 23 May 2000 and 01 September 2000 respectively, the practical implementation in each port in Indonesia is not yet complete and the new tariffs are only partially applied, or in some cases the old tariffs are still being used as the ports do not agree or are not yet ready to implement them.

To give you some background in regards to the new port tariffs in Indonesian ports, please note that to distinguish between ports under control of Pelindo and those ports not under control of this body, the latter ports are mostly private enterprises and several offshore oil terminals.

The Indonesian port authority is further divided in 4 zones, each responsible for the tariffs for the ports within their own zone.

A list for all ports in Indonesia with an indication which authority is in charge for the actual ports, as this has connections with what tariff is applicable, can be obtained from the agent, or from

Source:  Andhika GAC, Jakarta

Nigeria – new simplified tariff

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has issued a new simplified tariff intended to be effective as from 01 February 2001.  Any changes will be advised in our Weekly NEWS as they are made available.  There is no current intention to increase nor reduce the tariff.

Source: Gulf Agency and Shipping (Nigeria) Ltd., Lagos

Saudi Arabia/Ras Tanura – cargo manifest charges

A new customs rule allows for official customs brokers only to prepare/translate export manifest.  The cargo manifest charge is USD 300.00.

Source:  Dubhe Shipping Ltd., Limasol

USA/Houston – pilotage rates

A copy of the pilotage rates effective from 15 December 2000 on the Houston Ship Channel to or from Sea or Bolivar Roads and other charges for Special Instances, is available by contacting the agent or

Source:  Riley-Sherman Shipping Agency, Houston

USA/Houston – increase of miscellaneous charges

At the Oiltanking Terminal, Houston following new charges will be effective from 01 February 2001:

  1. VESSEL DOCKAGE will remain the same as for 2000.
  2. BARGE DOCKAGE rates are increased by 80-245percent calculated.
  3. FRESH WATER CHARGE remains unchanged at USD 2.00/gallon (min. fee USD 500) at the Oiltanking Terminal.  However, at ITC a fee of USD 500.00 will be charged anytime when a vessel receives water.
  4. SUPPLY-FEE increased to USD 600.00 per supply.  Supply of lube- and gas oil remain unchanged.
  5. USE OF SHORE GANGWAY: USD 1,000.00/vessel for max. two days, additional USD 400.00/day thereafter.
  6. MOBIL CRANE USD 300.00/hour, min. charge for 1 hour.

Source: G. M. Richards Enterprises Inc., Houston