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Sunday, October 21, 2018


INTERTANKO strikes against rocketing towage charges in Novorossiysk

Referring to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 04 of 12 January 2001 under ‘PORT COSTS’, INTERTANKO approached the Antimonopoly Committee of Krasnodar Region 11 January 2001 with copies to other authority bodies in Moscow, Krasnodar and Novorossiysk, with the strong request to urgently interfere and take remedy actions against the drastic increase of the new towage tariff including the weather surcharge implemented 01 January 2001 without pre-warning, and which even in some cases was charged some owners retrospectively from 01 December 2000.

INTERTANKO, however, applauds the quick response by the Chairman of Transport Department Krasnodar Region issuing a letter to the tug companies, which follows below in free translation:


The Transport Department of Krasnodar Region received a protest letter from INTERTANKO against a new unreasonable raise in tariffs for tug assistance in the Port of Novorossiysk from 01.01.2001.

At present this problem is considered in the Ministry of Antimonopoly Policy.  With the purpose of preserving the Port of Novorossiysk attractive, and the fulfilment of Article 4 of “Status on Regime of International Sea Port”, we insist on non-employment of the surcharges to the tariffs when a “gale warning” is issued and during holidays, weekends and night over time until the tariffs are considered and approved by the Ministry of Antimonopoly Policy.


At this stage it is not known whether or not the tug operators will adapt to the above instruction.  However, a meeting is scheduled, and INTERTANKO will monitor the situation and keep our members advised in our Weekly NEWS.  For further information please send an E- mail to

INTERTANKO pushes for settlement of the additional pilotage charges in Maracaibo

Referring to our latest update in Weekly NEWS No. 01 of 05 January 2001 and INTERTANKO’s letter to the Minister of Infrastructure in the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela which has been confirmed received by the Ministry.

On 10 January 2001 the Port Captaincy of Maracaibo was invited to a meeting which was attended by a high ranking official from the Ministry of Infrastructure General Sectorial Direction of Aquatic Transport together with representatives from local agents.  The main issue on the agenda was to reach an agreement on this long outstanding issue.

INTERTANKO will maintain the pressure until a solution is reached, and will keep members advised through our Weekly NEWS.  Any enquiries may be directed