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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Although CCAI is not a marine fuel specification parameter, it is recognized as an indicator of ignition quality. Certain medium speed engines, particularly some older engines, may encounter operational problems when burning high CCAI fuels.

In the last two weeks DNV Petroleum Services received over 10 fuel oil samples from the subject port with CCAI's in the 864 - 877 range (Average CCAI 869). Although over half of these fuels met ISO 8217:1996 spec parameters and all were ordered as either IF 180 or IF 380 fuels, all the delivered fuels had viscosities less than 155 cSt at 50 deg.C and five fuels had viscosities less than 100 cSt (Average viscosity: 108 cSt).

As ISO 8217:1996 spec does not include a minimum viscosity, operators of ships with engines critical to ignition quality are advised to include a minimum viscosity spec (or alternatively a maximum CCAI limit).

Any operator of a critical medium speed diesel engine should take note of this fact.

Source: DNV Petroleum Services