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Monday, October 15, 2018


Piracy report confirms gruesome trend

Another four piracy attacks and one suspicious craft sighting were reported to the IMB (International Maritime Bureau) Piracy Reporting Centre during week No. 5 2001.  The most serious attack was aimed at a dredger in the Singapore Straits.

The IMB’s Annual Report for 2000 makes alarming reading despite the fact that a great number of attacks are going unreported and that some are still to be added. Last year’s total of 469 reported incidents already shows an increase of around 56% over the 1999 figures. The IMB report lists incidents involving 91 tankers, 22 chemical tankers  and 12 LPG ships amongst the 469 reported last year.

The seven countries and geographical areas represented on the IMB chart accounted for over two thirds of piracy incidents reported in 1999:


  1. 119 Indonesia
  2. 75 Malacca Strait
  3. 55 Bangladesh
  4. 35 India
  5. 21 Malaysia
  6. 13 Red Sea
  7. 13 Ecuador

The IMB stresses that Indonesia should take serious steps to tackle the problem or the figures would continue to rise. The organisation points to the country’s political and economic climate. Elsewhere, the Malacca Strait is another area for concern.

The IMB now posts the weekly updates of attacks on the Internet at compiled from the Piracy Reporting Centre’s daily status bulletins.

Source: IMB Piracy Reporting Center, Kuala Lumpur.