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Monday, September 24, 2018


India/Kandla – update on the earthquake damage

Further to article in Weekly NEWS No. 05 of 02 February 2001, Kandla Port Trust have advised their plans to commence cargo operation at the port as from 03 February 2001.  The force majeure will remain in place.

Surveys of the cargo jetties 1-5 are expected to take 10-15 days.

Oil jetty No. 1 has been severely damaged and  is out of service for an unspecified period of time depending on whether repair is possible at all.

Oil jetty No. 2 is declared safe by the port but No. 3 has suffered some damage.

Oil Jetties Nos. 4 and 5 are also operational, but shore lines at these jetties are severely damaged and need to be replaced.

There is no change in the allotment of oil jetties.  However, no tankers will be berthed at oil jetties No. 1 and 2 until further notice,

Although some vessels had been diverted to Mundra and JNPT, which are functioning normally, nine vessels were staying at anchor pending berthing on Friday 02 February.

The port’s signal station is presently functioning from a small office building without any tower.  The electricity to the port is fully restored.  A regular supply of fresh water to residential areas is still unavailable.

Communication with the area hit by the earthquake is still difficult.  GAC India is handling all their communications for Kandla through its head office in Cochin.

Source:  GAC Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd., Coching

Iran/Khowr-e-Musa – navigational warning

The following changes have occurred in Khowr-e-Musa:

  1. Iranian Notice to Mariners No. 1/2001 is cancelled.
  2. Iranian Notice to Mariners No. 2/2001:  Beacon No. 11 has been destroyed and a green, conical buoy has been established in position 29 deg 57.23 min N – 49 deg 05.63 min E with light characteristic F1(3) G 10s.
  3. A new East Cardinal Buoy F1(3) 10s has been established in position 29 deg 55 min N – 49 deg 07min E to indicate wrecks in the vicinity.

Chart affected: BA No. 1268.

Mariners are requested to inform the Ports and Shipping Organisation’s Hydrographic Section immediately on discovery of any suspected or new dangers and changes to navigation in the Persian Gulf or Gulf of Oman.

Source: BlueCalm Marine Services, Tehran

Iran/Bandar Abbas – shipping safety at the anchorage

In order to prevent suspect vessels approaching ships at anchorage, we advise all masters to report any suspicious vessels approaching them immediately to the contact control tower at Bandar Shahid Rajaie (Bandar Abbas Port). 

Any illegal trading with such vessels is completely prohibited and if such activities are seen the persons involved will be dealt with severely according to the law.

Source: Gulf Agency Company, Stockholm/Ministry of Road and Transportation Ports and Shipping Organisation, Hormuzgan County

Italy/Venice – implementation of ship inspection postponed again

We refer to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 03 of 19 January 2001 where the following text had been omitted.


Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 01 of 05 January 2001 the date of implementation has been postponed till 01 February 2001.

Source:  Sib Società a Responsabilitatà Limitata, Milano/Kobos Co. Ltd. Srl


The port authorities have again postponed the implementation date till 15 February 2001.  The reason seems to be that a special commission will be called upon to verify the possibility of allowing entrance for tankers with double bottom.

Source: Hugo Trumpy Group, Genoa

Panama Canal – representation by shipping agents

It has been a long-standing practice that vessels transiting the Panama Canal and performing harbour operations are represented by the same local shipping agent who arranges for the transit; however, in many instances the cargo is represented by a different local agent.  This dual representation (transit/cargo) is arranged without ACP knowledge or involvement. Therefore, ACP will continue working only with the shipping agency responsible for the transit and will not provide separate billing to different agencies.

USA/Bayport Channel – restriction of ship movements

VTS Houston Galveston directs that there will be no ship movements in the Bayport Channel on 19 and 20 February 2001 from 0900 to 1400 to allow for the movement of two reactors from a vessel in Bayport to the South Side Bayport Channel bank.

Tug and tow traffic in the Bayport Channel at the above mentioned date and time will not be affected or restricted.

Source: G. M. Richards Enterprises Inc., Houston

USA/Portland (NH) – most vessels are boarded for compliance check

No changes in terminal information.  However, the U.S. Customs in Portland have begun to board most vessels for a compliance search.  They are focusing on the vessel’s narcotic supply and bonded stores. Once the vessel hands over a ship’s stores list CF1303, it must be completely accurate.  Fines are being handed out in the region of $2000 per mistake.  We urge all ship owners to remind vessel Captains to actually count out these amounts prior to completing the CF1303.

Source: Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc., Portland (NH)