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Monday, September 24, 2018


INTERTANKO has received reports from some of its members regarding the Agip vetting process. In particular it was claimed that Agip SIRE Inspection reports are not been entered into the SIRE database, and also that owners are not been informed of any comments that may be raised by the Agip vetting Inspector. Both of these are requirements under the SIRE system.

This is also most frustrating for the owner, who does not know what was found, or the vessel’s status; neither can other SIRE participants access the report.

We have discussed this issue directly with OCIMF, who have advised us of their understanding that this practice by Agip has now stopped.

Subsequently we have sought confirmation of this directly from AGIP and have been advised that this is indeed the case and that future Agip inspections under SIRE will be followed in full accordance with the SIRE requirements.

The response from AGIP can be found below:


For Vetting activity AgipPetroli uses only own Inpsectors, most of them already holders of an OCIMF SIRE Accreditation. In our vetting policy, as reported also in our Minimum Safety Criteria, all the physical inspection carried out on board vessels, mostly required by vessels' owners/managers, are in accordance with parameters specified within OCIMF Vessel Inspection Questionnaire. At the end of the inspection the Agip inspector discusses with Shipmaster/Marine Superintentend about the deficiencies and/or recommendations found during the visit in order to point out what he noted and to permit the owner's representative to make his comments and clarifications.

Afterwards the inspector’s report is evaluated by the vetting manager and the inspection result is sent, by fax, directly to the vessel's owner/manager with the list of "Deficiencies" and " Recommendations" found during the physical visit and including the final judgement about the vessel suitability or unsuitability for AgipPetroli intended trade or for operating on terminals managed or operated by AgipPetroli.

Our vetting procedure foresees three different tiers of approval: with the first tier the vessels is declared suitable for our Company, the second tier requires a written notice from the owner/operator assuring that the deficiencies/recommendations found during inspection have been complied with, in this case the vessel is considered technically suitable without further inspection; the last tier requires that the deficiencies found during the inspection must be made good and the vessel re-inspected before she may be considered technically suitable.

In the last two cases the owners/managers always send us their comments and the relevant corrective actions undertaken in order to make the vessels compliant with our Minimum Safety Criteria and, when necessary, they require a new inspection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or if you have comments.