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Sunday, July 22, 2018


INTERTANKO supports the Russian Maritime Pilots’ Association

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No/5, 2 February 2001, INTERTANKO would like to update members on the pilot situation in Novorossiysk. First we will recapitulate some facts.

The Shipping Code of the Russian Federation, adopted in 1999, allows the activities of both state and non-state pilotage services in the ports of Russia.  Furthermore, the Government of the Russian Federation obliged the Russian Ministry of Transport to prepare a draft decree of the Russian Government "Concerning activities of non-state organizations engaged in pilotage". The list of ports where such activities are allowed includes the major ports.

The Russian Maritime Pilots’ Association (RMPA) claims that during the talks at the end of year 2000 between RMPA and the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry had to admit that the actions by the Maritime Administration in Novorossiysk in dismissing pilots organized by the Novorossiysk Maritime Pilots company (RMPA member) were illegal.  The Ministry had to recall the licenses of the pilots employed by the Maritime Administration in Novorossiysk for violation of the anti-monopoly legislation from 14 December 2000 till 06 February 2001.

Despite the above, the de-privatisation process in Novorossiysk seems to be continuing. As from 14 February 2001 self-employed pilots of Novorossiysk Maritime Pilots are ordered by the Maritime Administration of the Novorossiysk Port Authority to stop working in the port.

Without prejudice INTERTANKO has urgently requested the Government of the Russian Federation to intervene and ensure that the Shipping Code of the Russian Federation is adhered to in the port of Novorossiysk in order to put an end to the local breach of the anti-monopoly legislation.

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Transit assessment of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus Straits

Occasionally INTERTANKO receives enquiries regarding compensation for transits of the Dardanelle and Bosphorus Straits. 

The Worldscale makes allowances within the flat rate calculations for pilotage, sanitary dues, life saving dues, light dues and agency fees/expenses. An arbitrary 12 hours’ allowance each way for extra time spent waiting at strait entrances due to night navigation restrictions is included.

In order for the Worldscale Association to make further assessment of transits, members are hereby invited to forward copies of transit time sheets to, or direct to the Worldscale Association (London) Limited