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Saturday, October 20, 2018


INTERTANKO’s Documentary and Vetting Committees have developed a Time Charter Vetting Clause which includes a number of refinements to the clause which have previously been circulated to the membership. The clause reflects current vetting practice.

The clause reads:

INTERTANKO Time Charter Vetting Clause 2001:

1.(a) To the best of owners' knowledge at the date of this charter:

(i) There is a SIRE report on the Vessel which has been registered in the

SIRE Register;

(ii) The Vessel has not been rejected or refused by any charterer since the inspection leading to the said SIRE report.

(b) A Vessel Particulars Questionnaire ("VPQ") under the SIRE system has been lodged and is up to date at the date of this charter.

2. During the currency of this charter:

(a) Owners will (if so requested by the Charterers) cooperate in having the Vessel inspected by oil companies if any current SIRE report has to be renewed.

(b)(i)  If the vessel is rejected or refused permission to carry out cargo operations by any subcharterer or terminal operator consequent upon any vetting inspection carried out under the SIRE system, owners will arrange for a further inspection to be carried under the SIRE system as soon as is reasonably practicable. 

ii) Should the Charterers otherwise require vetting inspections of the Vessel and if these inspections are carried out during the currency of this charter, then any loss of time, deviation costs and inspection fees in connection with the inspection shall be for the Charterers' account.

(c) A failed vetting inspection under the SIRE system by the Charterers or any other company shall not of itself constitute a reason for the Charterers to put the Vessel off-hire or enable the Charterers to assert a claim under this charter.

d)  The Vessel's VPQ will be maintained fully up to date by Owners whenever necessary during the charter."

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