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Friday, October 19, 2018


Italy - implementation of ship inspections

(Venice/ Porto Marghera)

Further to article in Weekly NEWS No. 06 February 2001, the Harbour Master of Venice has issued a final ordinance No. 09/2001 with effect from 15 February 2001.  Please click here to read the details of the ordinance (in free translation) including type of tankers (crude, product and chemical) permitted entering the Venice Lagoon.

(Trieste and Ravenna)

Based on an article in a local newspaper in the Ravenna area, rumours are that similar mandatory qualifications may be implemented for Ravenna and Trieste as from 31 March 2001. Local authorities, however, have voiced a request to the President of the region and the Ministry of Justice to respite the implementation for three years in order not to produce negative effects and damages to the  economic system.

Furthermore, the local authorities recommend that the directive is extended to ALL Italian ports.  INTERTANKO will keep our membership advised of any further development.

Sources: Sib Società Responsabilità Limitata, Milano/KOBOS Co. Lta. Srl., Siracusa; Hugo Trumpy Group, Genoa

Russia/Novorossiysk – max allowable draughts

The harbour master advises that restrictions at berths Nos. 6 and 7 have been reviewed and are now as follows:

Berth No. 6: 12.1 metres.

Berth No. 7: 11.8 metres.

DWAT not exceeding 59,999 MT.

LOA not exceeding 200 metres.

For each particulare vessel which has a LOA exceeding the above limits, the harbour master must be approached every time and grant in writing ato obtain written permission for the berthing of each vessel.

Source: GAC Athens’ Hub Agency.

Venezuela/Puerto Cabello – increased draught

As from 10 February 2001 the draught in Puerto Cabello increased to 35 feet 00 inches.  The port administration advises that the draught will eventually reach 41 feet 00 inches.

Source: Agencia Selinger S.A., Caracas