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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Although the first months of 2001 have seen freight rates drop from the record levels experienced in 2000, the tanker market remains comparatively strong. Newbuilding slots are filling up quickly at shipyards around the world. At the same time we are witnessing a slow-down in the US economy and a certain nervousness in international markets, while the demand for oil and products appears to be levelling out. At the Sydney Tanker Event, 22-25 April 2001, we will take a closer look at the effect of these factors on the tanker market including a specific focus on the Pacific region.

Among the speakers will be Dr Paul Horsnell, Assistant Director for Research at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Dr Horsnell is the author of the book “Oil in Asia: Markets, Trading, Refining and Deregulation” and co-author of “Oil Markets and Prices: The Brent Market and the Formation of World Oil Prices”. He is the current Chairman of the British Institute of Energy Economics and his present research focuses on the US Gulf oil market and its linkages with developments in the region's upstream and downstream.

2000 also witnessed a remarkable roller-coaster ride for investors and players in the so-called new economy. companies sprouted and anticipation in the success of procurement, portals and chartering sites soared, only to plummet together with company values towards the end of the year. In the beginning of 2001, many investors have reviewed their continued participation in internet ventures, forcing several start-ups to shed staff, refocus or simply close business. But has the new technology brought changes to chartering and the role of the tanker broker? And what about other developments such as trade in futures and hedging? These are also topics we will discuss in Sydney.

Other speakers in the Market Session include Per Heidenreich, Heidenreich Marine Inc; Colin Cridland, Simpson, Spence & Young; Iain Shaw, Seascope Shipping Limited; Basil G Mavroleon, Charles R Weber Co Inc; Tor Svelland, Laycan ASA; Niels G Conradsen,; Scott Moncrieff, Enron Europe Finance and Trading Ltd; Alexander Papachristidis-Bove,  Seatramp Tankers Inc; and Dolly Robinson, Digital Ship.

Join us in Sydney!  The Sydney Tanker Event will take place 22-25 April 2001 at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel. For further information about the Market Session, please contact Erik Ranheim on e-mail

For general enquiries about the Sydney Tanker Event, please contact Anders Baardvik on e-mail or click here for more information on our Sydney Tanker Event