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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Egypt/Suez Canal – convoy disturbances

The reason for the disturbance of the convoys was due to a damaged dredger on 26 February, which was working in the south canal section.  The canal is expected to be cleared by 27 February around 1400 hours with the start of the northbound convoy, consisting of 20 vessels, at 0600 hours the same day.

Source: WORMS Services Maritimes, Paris

India/Cochin – increased fee for landing permits

The fee for issuing Temporary Landing Permits is increased to USD 40 (old fee USD 30) with immediate effect.

Source: GAC Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd., Cochin

India/Jamnagar – visitors and crew change at tanker berths

It is not permitted for visitors to board tankers at an oil terminal.  Hence, agents are instructed to inform ship owners/masters that no visitors will be granted permission to visit crew members on board tankers at the berth.

Furthermore, no crew changes are permitted due to logistic constraints.  If absolutely essential, the agent has to make a separate arrangement for taking the new crew members through the Lo-Lo jetty by boat to the ship at the anchorage and back.

Source: GGAC Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd., Cochin/Reliance Ports and Terminals Ltd.

India/Kandla – update after earthquake damage

Further to article in Weekly NEWS No. 7 of 16 February 2001, it is reported that some tank owners have now completed the survey of some of their pipelines damaged by the recent earthquake.  However, survey and testing of the pipelines handling chemicals is still going on.  Therefore it is essential to keep a watch on the various chemical pipelines during operations to avoid any untoward incidents.

Source: GAC Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd., Cochin/Kandla Port Trust

Iran – uncharted seabed obstruction

Although INTERTANKO does not normally copy navigational warnings, which are dealt with in Notices to Mariners, on this occasion we make an exception.

Referring to Iranian Notice to Mariners No. 3/2001 an uncharted seabed obstruction area, said to be about 350 by 40 metres, is reported in the Gulf in location N26 deg 41.6 min E052 deg 46.8 min off the Cable Bank lighthouse.

Source: BlueCalm Marine Services, Tehran

Italy/Venice/Porto Marghera – correction to ordinance No. 09/2001

Referring to article in Weekly NEWS No. 8 of 23 February 2001, the Commander of the Port has issued corrections to ordinance No. 09/2001.  The corrected complete text in free translation as received can be found by clicking here

In case of adverse weather the tanker will be permitted to have the inspection inside the port prior to commencement of cargo operation.  Members are advised to check with their local agent for documentation requirements.

Source: Hugo Trumpy Group, Genoa/Sib Società a Responsabilità Limitata, Milano

 Libya/crew change and spare parts

In response to an enquiry from a member, INTERTANKO has received the following advice:

  1. Crew change is not allowed at oil terminals.
  2. Delivery of spare parts to ships in Libya can be arranged.  Spare parts should arrive Libya at least 10 days prior to the vessel’s arrival in order to arrange for customs clearance and transportation to the actual port.

Source: WORMS Services Maritimes, Paris/LSAG