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Sunday, October 21, 2018


We have recently received a message from the EQUASIS Secretariat with various statistics. Please click here to view these statistics

In January 2001, 43 items of data were queried, the lowest since the launch of EQUASIS. Since the start in May 2000, EQUASIS has received a total of 994 queries on data. On a database with more than 66,000 ships this gives an error rate of 1.50%.

The EQUASIS statistics also include information on active users, both as a total and split as a percentage.  The figures show a steady growth in usage. However, according to EQUASIS, the rather disappointing number of visits by Port State Control Schemes could be explained by the fact that the PSC inspectors have registered under the second largest group “Government Administration”.

Finally you will find figures for the number of hits by business sector both as actual figures and percentages. Since May the site has received a total 237,235 hits of which 149,002 visited the ship information page and the difference was taken up by visits to the other pages on the site.

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