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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


U.S./Houston - US Customs Rate Hike

The Customs Service started collecting higher "navigation fees" from vessels entering or leaving ports beginning per 14 March 2001.  It is said to be the first rate hike since 1985.

For vessels entering port, the rate will increase to $19 from $9 for vessels under 100 tons, and $37 from $18 for vessels greater than 100 tons.

Vessels clearing ports will pay the same per-vessel fee. Customs will charge foreign vessels $37 to receive a manifest on arrival to unload, or receive a manifest and proceed to another port. Foreign vessels will be charged $9 to certify payment of tonnage taxes.

Post entry fees will be $19, up from $9. Vessel operators or agents will be charged $37 for copies of official documents including certified outward manifest and other documents not covered in the fee schedule.

According to the Customs announcement, fees are set to cover actual costs of providing the service including salaries and administrative costs.

Source: Lyondell-Citgo Refining Company Ltd., Houston; Moran-Gulf Shipping Agencies, Houston.