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Friday, October 19, 2018


Disruption to navigation in Georgia due to unrest

The Port of Sokhumi, ports, territorial waters and the part of the Russian-Georgian border in Abkhazia (Georgia), are currently closed to navigation as the Georgian authorities cannot guarantee safety due to conflict in the territory of Abkhazia, and criminal activities in the whole Caucasus region.

Source: International Maritime Organisation, London/The Embassy of Georgia

Gratuities still being demanded in Egypt (Alexandria)

One of our members has just reported a very serious incident of abusive demand for gifts, mainly cigarettes, by port officials in Alexandria.  An apparently never ending queue of officials, typically three persons from each department, came onboard demanding cigarettes or other items.  The gifts appeared to be the key to the respective services needed for the vessel’s various port operations.

INTERTANKO has addressed the issue through a direct approach to the Alexandria Port Authority requesting a stop to this abuse which is time consuming, diverts crew members’ attention from their focus on safety while in port, and additionally represents and unacceptable, not inconsiderable and uncompensated cost to the owner. Please click here for a copy of the telefax from INTERTANKO to the Alexandria Port Autority

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